Christina West

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Artist Statement:

I work with the human figure out of compulsion and necessity. Stemming from an insatiable curiosity about the actions, motivations, and psychology of those around me, the human figure has always found its way into my art. Being introverted and socially reserved by nature, my work becomes a catalyst for me to connect with others. On one level, I consider my work is a celebration of the ordinary; I sculpt common body types that do not necessarily conform to western culture's societal ideals of beauty. The surfaces of these bodies, however, are refined to a smooth, sensual perfection that has more in common with the surfaces of classical marble nudes than an unflinching reality of the human flesh.

My sculptures do not provide answers or assertions, but embrace uncertainty through the provocation of more questions. The figures are permanently frozen mid-gesture in a moment that encourages the generation of ambiguous narratives. Stripped from the context of previous actions, the figures’ personalities, motives, intentions are malleable and unfixed in the viewers’ minds. Who they are is in a state of flux dependent on the stories viewers create.

untitled (braiders) 2006
painted ceramic, 46” x 26” x 50”

red (overview) 2005
painted ceramic, gallery dimensions: 40’ x 20’

red (detail) 2005
painted ceramic, turning woman.: 4’10” tall

The Sleep of Reason 2006
painted ceramic, gallery: 32’ x 30’

The Sleep of Reason (detail) 2006
painted ceramic, standing man: 51”x 28” x 17”

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