Willem Volkersz

Contact Information:

email: Willem Volkersz


Artist Statement:

Willem Volkersz studied art and architecture at the University of Washington and received an MFA in painting from Mills College in 1967. He creates mixed media works which incorporate neon, painted surfaces, found objects and handcrafted wooden elements. These narrative sculptures reflect an immigrant’s fascination with American popular culture which developed after his family moved to Seattle from their native Holland in the early 1950’s.

A Boy Visits New York (2007)
neon, wood, paint, found objects, 52"x16"x20

Birds of North America (2005)
wood, paint, found objects, 85"x120"x9½"

Global Positioning (2006)
neon, wood, paint, found objects, 89"x50"x13"

Selfportrait (Baggage) (1991/2005)
neon, wood, paint, postcards, 96"x144"x15"

Western Landscape (2007)
neon, wood, paint, found objects, 47"x64½"x9"

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