Julia Stratton

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website: www.juliastratton.com


Artist Statement:

My mom is a pianist and my earliest memories are of drawing under her piano as she practiced long hours.  The experience of being surrounded by the music, the physicality of it, and the intertwining of it with my own narrative, is an experience that is hardwired into me, influencing both the way I think and what I make.

This work is from “Scriabin Music Boxes,” a George Sugarman Foundation-supported exhibition that is inspired by the piano music of Russian composer Alexander Scriabin.  I made this work because I had become obsessed with Scriabin’s short, atmospheric, complex Preludes and Etudes. Scrabin particularly interested me because he had synethesia, a cross-sensing ability that caused Scriabin to associate different keys with specific colors. When I listen to Sciabin’s piano music, I see color… or at least feel his color assignment for the key signatures of the pieces often makes sense.  It may seem strange to talk about the color of sculpture that is technically black, but color can be present apart from simple notation. 

For me “Following,” inspired by the “Prelude in C-sharp Minor,” is purple, the color Scriabin associated with C-sharp.  It is the color of the forest at the end of the day when it is still quite light outside its edge, but already deeply purple within.  The falling-overtop-of-itself running sound of  “Etude in B Minor, Slate Blue (Unbridled)” is the moment just before total darkness when all color becomes blue, gray and shadow.  Scriabin also associated notes with certain characteristics.  He thought of G-sharp as “Movement of the Spirit into Matter” and I used this description as the basis for “Last Judgment.” Sciabin designated D-flat as the “Will of the Creative Spirit,” which I used in “Running Within,” the creative spirit in a cage of beauty, my feelings of the creative process.

Prelude in C-sharp Minor, Purple (Following)
Bronze 33” x 21” x 24” 2008

Prelude in A Minor, Forest Green (The March)
Bronze 19” x 17” x 5” 2008

Prelude Sauvage/Belliqueux, Intense Red (Savage/Belligerent)
Bronze 23” x 17” x 6 ½” 2008

Etude in D-flat Minor, Will of the Creative Spirit (Running Within)
Bronze 29” x 14” x 14” 2008

Etude in B Minor, Slate Blue (Unbridled)
Bronze 20” x 33 ½” x 4 ½” 2008

Etude in G-sharp Minor, Movement of Spirit into Matter
(Last Judgment)
Bronze, photographs, gold and silver leaf 2008

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