Margot Spindelman

Contact Information:

email: margot spindelman


Artist Statement:

In my work I begin by painting pieces of the landscape— sky or water or ground. Color, muted or clamorous, and dashed or looping lines interact with the original forms to enforce or subvert the horizon, recreating the landscape as a painted, invented world. I am originally from Rochester, New York, a place that is covered in snow for much of the year. I have always been fascinated by the hidden world living beneath the snow and how alike that is to our own internal and external duality. The articulation of something both hidden and exposed is at the center of my paintings.

My most recent work has been informed by current science writing that chronicles the accumulating evidence of the deterioration of the natural world. Sea level rise, ocean acidification, warming trends leading to species extinction are all consequences of systems gone awry, acting upon our already compromised utopia. The aesthetic intent of the paintings is to take what is diagrammatic in science and transform it into lavish visual experience.

The Ocean and The Road I (2007)
oil on canvas 45" x 70"

The Ocean and the Road II (2007)
oil on canvas 54" x 42.5"

Sea Level Rise II (2007)
oil on canvas 45" x 70"

Lake Nyos I (2007)
oil on canvas 45" x 70"

Lake Nyos II (2007)
oil on canvas 54" x 42.5"

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