René Smith

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Artist Statement:

My work explores the idea of a perfect moment, both in the lushness of the actual moment and how it fades over time. I am interested in the relationship between physical objects and longing– specifically the experience of looking at an old photograph and the idea of it containing a perfect world or lost moment. My work utilizes a sense of memory and nostalgia and an idealization of the subject matter to create invented worlds with layered references to different times and places. The paintings and drawings are slow, hand-made objects about love, loss, and the passage of time. They exist in contrast to many things we see and experience, and for me they are a way to make visible and examine the fleeting nature of time.

Permanent Garden
48 x 48 inches oil on canvas 2007

December 1969 (Jamaica Plain)
16 x 16 inches oil on linen 2007

December 1969 (Georgie)
14 x 14 inches pastel on paper 2007

1974 (with dog)
14 x 14 inches pastel on paper 2007

René Smith in Studio - Photo by Evan Sung

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