Lorna Ritz

Contact Information:

email: Lorna Ritz
website: www.lornaritz.com


Artist Statement:

In my painting I explore ideas just as an improvisational musician finds his "lines." The dialog between ideas lives in me like a fascinating story I'm telling, forming pathways into unknown territory, I want to see what happens through the "chance encounters" I have with paint. Free like this, invention surges up and I paint out of curiosity: A problem area in the painting becomes a foreign country in which to travel, to explore new territory in the painting. I continue to strengthen the major concept as it is forming and on its way to becoming "whole." I can never quite get there, but I get closer to each painting as I develop my skill.

Abstraction allows for complete flow of imagination. I love to see open, breathing, moving space create an entry way deep inside the picture plane of the flat surface of linen. My paintings sing through the light that emanates from the color combinations themselves. I listen to how the paint wants to move. It is very exciting how new ideas form and keep evolving each day, like hidden secrets embedded in the paint.

"Voice Left in the Corner of the Sky"
45" x 54" oil on canvas 2007

"Mirror of Thought in a Birdsong"
53" x 46" oil on canvas 2007

"Life, Paint and Passion"
40" x 56" oil on linen 2007

“Eternal Presence”
56" x 45” oil on canvas 2007

29" x 36” oil on linen 2006

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