Lee Price

Contact Information:

email: Lee Price
website: Lee Price Studio


Artist Statement:

Food is a subject that has been entering my work since I began painting. I use food as a metaphor for those things we turn to that give us a false impression of security; a temporary respite from the knowledge that there really is no certainty in this world. For these paintings, I am working mainly from photographs, shooting exclusively overhead shots. After I decide on the painting's theme and composition, I search for objects and plan the particular foods that I will need. In essence, I begin to build the scene from which I will work. This part of the process is as elaborately developed and meticulously thought out as the actual execution of the painting. These paintings are done on a large scale; essentially life-size.

Cherry Cheesecake (2008)
30" x 66" Oil on Linen

Emilie (Breakfast) (2008)
54" x 40" Oil on Linen

Refuge (2008)
64" x 44" Oil on Linen

Self-Portrait in Tub with Chinese Food (2008)
44" x 44" Oil on Linen

Strawberry Swirl (2008)
36" x 58" Oil on Linen

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