Sarah Petruziello

Contact Information:

Email: Sarah Petruziello


Artist Statement:

I create large-scale drawings using graphite drawing pencils on Arches watercolor paper. The subject matter of my artwork is generally narrative portraiture with elements of symbolism; though clearly realistic in style, these drawings are more conceptual in scope. Most of my subjects (primarily self-portraits) have been juxtaposed against objects that have a personal significance to me, and often they are imbued with an intentionally humorous or mysterious undertone.

The springboard for most of my imagery has been personal experience. As a result, the drawings serve as a visual documentation of not only ideas, but also events from my life. Gradually, my drawings have evolved from encompassing purely personal experience to also touching upon ideas that have a more universal relevance, such as the individual’s relationship to the environment and the divisive fragmentation of the contemporary world.

The Daughters of Lucy (lost, abandoned and torn asunder) (2007)
Graphite on Arches paper 48 x 20 inches

Root (2007)
Graphite on Arches paper 43.5 x 20.5 inches

Bubble (2007)
Graphite on Arches paper 25 x 39 inches

History Lesson I: Whitewash the Past (2006)
Graphite on Arches paper 19 x 25 inches

The Ultimate Risk (2006)
Graphite on Arches paper 35 x 22 inches (image)

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