Arny Nadler

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Artist Statement:

At the heart of my activity as a sculptor is a fascination with form. Feats of engineering, both utilitarian and evolutionary, have always appealed to me. I am fascinated watching a cantilever bridge slowly rise, pause, and lower gently back down over the river in my home town of Chicago. I am equally awed by the intricacy of organic structures—a wasp's nest, a brain coral, the exoskeleton of a crustacean. The efficiency, purposefulness and specificity of design of both the built and organic environment converge in my new work. This confluence of influences has lead to forms with a multitude of associations.

As the son of an immigrant tool and die maker, I was trained at a very young age to look carefully at how things work—to steal with my eyes (as my father put it) while poring over the drafting tables and tools in the shops of his practice. The smell of machine grease and molten plastic defined my Saturday mornings, and that factory took an incredible hold. I am certain that the work I do today is due to those many hours of looking.

I am intrigued by the tools of the built environment—bridges, overpasses, barricades—that manipulate the movement of masses of people. My enchantment with organic forms is undoubtedly rooted in my amazement that they are also born out of necessity.

Imminent (2004)
Painted steel, 108 x 64 x 62 inches

Caveat (2006)
Painted steel, 13.5 x 12 x 10 feet

Wintering (2004)
Painted steel, both forms 120 x 64 x 64 inches

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