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Artist Statement:

John Lambert is a builder, a potter, a sculptor, and an active participant in archaeological field projects.  As a builder, his sensibilities are attuned to materials and tools and structure, as they are also attuned to the temperaments required for working with specific materials and structural problems. As a potter, he understands the throwing and finishing of clay, the transformation of clay into terracotta. As a sculptor, he is infatuated with the evocative, sensual power of materials fitted into structures that fulfill or contradict their natural capacities and limitations. And as a student of ancient art and technology who conducts on-site research and experimentation, including replication of sculpture and roof tiles according to ancient practice, he directly experiences through ruins and artifacts the long continuity of his craft and colleagues, the techniques they employ, the problems they solve, the satisfaction they seek and sometimes gain. 

His work is an examination of the continuity and commonality of human creation, and is organized according to the metaphor of the organic evolution of an ancient site, where newly constructed buildings become repaired ones, then ruined ones from whose cannibalized detritus arise new constructions that in turn are ruined and reused in a cycle that repeats itself over and over, century after century, down to the present.  John Lambert builds ruins that evoke the mystery and romance of antiquity.

ea. 2’x2’x8” ceramic water 1995

6’x2’x3” ceramic 2008

7’x4’x8” ceramic 2008

16’x4’x3’ ceramic 2008

6’x10’x4’ ceramic 2008

16’x16’x6.5’ ceramic concrete rubber 2005

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