Donna Dodson

Contact Information:

email: Donna Dodson


Artist Statement:

My artwork celebrates the mystical relationship between human beings and the animal kingdom. My vision is to create standing animal-headed figures of the female form that are sculpted in wood. The challenge is to fuse feminine sensuality, sexuality and soul with a well-proportioned figurative vocabulary. The natural grain of the wood interacts with the form and shape of my sculptures in a fluid way. I often stylize each piece to enhance the girl, woman, queen or goddess within. The mouths, or in some cases beaks, are closed symbolizing the mysteries they embody. These figures are sculpted in sizes ranging from one to four feet tall. I use color in both subtle and bold ways to activate each piece. They are created as archetypes, and each one invites a personal experience from the viewer. The creative process that brings me to the completion of each work of art presents tremendous challenges, making my art a lifelong study with lessons for my eyes, hands, mind and spirit.

Wolf Goddess
29" polychrome maple 2006

Elephant bride
19" polychrome cherry 2005

Tiger Frog
25" polychrome pine 2006

Caribbean Queen
29.5" polychrome ash 2004

Red Lion
18" polychrome cherry 2002

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