Aaron Morgan Brown

Contact Information:

email: Aaron Morgan Brown
website: www.aaronmorganbrown.com


Artist Statement:

I see my work as an extension of American realist and European symbolist traditions, with a contemporary edge that comes from the synthesis of these two, plus my personal issues and baggage du jour. I have recently emerged from a long period of solemnity in my work, which was probably due to a combination of dredged memories, spiritual misfires, the depressing American political/cultural landscape, and the inscrutability of the art world. My current work is marked by a more freewheeling, satirical tone.

A Valiant Effort
Oil on canvas 27” x 48” 2007

Arcadia 3
Oil on panel 21” x 25” 2006

Arcadia 7
Oil on panel 20” x 31” 2007

One Year In New Mexico
Oil on panel 19” x 36” 2005

Procession 1 (The Impotence of History)
Oil on canvas 35” x 63” 2007

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