Becca Bernstein

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Artist Statement:

My art is drawn toward issues of community, to the awkward dance of human interdependence. For nine years, I have worked closely with the elderly residents of senior care homes in Oregon and Scotland. In this capacity, I am witness to the modern anomaly of dividing the tribe – of the separation of generations from one another, each to their respective institutions. As an artist, my interest in this subject has led me to seek out communities of all kinds for my work, both traditional and uniquely present-day, exploring the relationships we have developed or abandoned in this contemporary age.

My most recent paintings at the Gottlieb Gallery entitled “Keyhole Miniatures” and my current public art installation at the Portland Building entitled "The Last Room" are an expansion of my thoughts about the interconnectedness of people to include the physical environment that is the theater for our lives. These projects are intended as clues to a universal story – one that binds us all in its familiarity. Our time in life together is transitory, and the objects we take along with us are evidence of who we are or have been.

In my art, I strive to create an intimacy between my subject and the viewer deep enough that there is a spark of recognition and, ultimately, empathy.

so so very
18x24", acrylic on patchwork fabric

goes along
18x24", acrylic on patchwork fabric

Beulah, Mother of Martha 1
40x32", acrylic on rag board

Dorothy, Mother of Florence
32x40", acrylic on rag board

Joan, Mother of Linda
32x40", acrylic on rag board

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