Cary Wiegand

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My work is a path of gratitude thanking the mystery for being alive.  From the chaos of life, I am drawn to clay as it represents a quiet solitude.  I think the root of the universe is simplistic and fluid.  Clay is the primordial substance from which all possibilities arise.  The three-dimensional human figure is time made tactile and immediate -- an expression of how we perceive our place in moments across history.

Datura  4/06  Ceramics  21"x16"

Seen depicted on the surface is the Datura plant, which blooms only at night.
Its seeds in the pod are used by shamans as a tool to enhance awareness. Surrounded by nocturnal animals,  the owl (in Native American Indian folklore the owl calls one's name just before they are to die) and the possum to carry her away. On her head, the spirit guide.

Feathered Crone  2/06  Ceramics  25"x16"

Like an old growth tree -- she bends and turns to beckon calm serenity.

Traveling between Worlds  6/06  Ceramics 29"x25"

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