Kirstine Reiner

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Life has always appeared rather abstract to me. Painting is my way of making sense of it all.

The opportunity to examine and penetrate the surface of things is something I find fascinating in realist art. Just what is it that we perceive as real? Answerless, I am intrigued by the mystery and endless depth of everyday reality.

Painting is my obsession. In an almost ritualistic way all the doors in my studio, including the cupboard doors are shut, otherwise I feel that energy gets lost, and my muse will vanish! I listen to the same music repeatedly, as it helps me define my artistic space. In addition to this I must wear a white shirt.. Finally I can proceed to work. This obsessive quality builds a ‘relationship’ to the work and helps me remain attached.

Crucial also is the sense of discovery, of following new paths at random. This and the concept of time play a large factor in my work. The meticulous process and organic development of a painting provides feedback to my perception. These methods uncover subtleties that if I had worked in a faster manner, might not have been revealed.

Unknown Territory, oil on panel, 31 x 32.5 in, 2006

Autumn, oil on panel, 20 x 18 in, 2005

Cornered, oil on panel, 11.75 x 11.75 in., 2005

Brainstorm, oil on panel, 44 x 22 in., 2005

Brainstorm (detail), oil on panel, 44 x 22 in., 2005

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