Joyce Polance

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My paintings reveal intimate subjects and themes -- women, family, self-portraiture. The current series is largely about women’s personal transformations and recovery from domestic or self-abuse -- both individually and within relationships. The paintings depict subjects who are emerging from (or hiding within) environments that represent some aspect of their lives -- including self-destruction, drug use and emotional enmeshments. Leaving these behind, the subjects are embracing awareness and new freedoms. The most recent paintings deal with anorexia and deprivation -- as represented by corpses taken from Holocaust imagery. The subjects are healing, but sometimes ambivalent about letting go of old attachments to disease.

No one lives totally in joy or in pain. By exploring a range of moods – elation, empowerment, whimsy, despair, explosiveness – my art presents many opportunities for the viewer’s own identification.

Legacy, oil on canvas, 2006, 84” x 68”

Bite, oil on canvas, 2006, 84" x 68"

Eclipse, oil on canvas, 2006, 36"x 48"

Hold, oil on canvas, 2006, 36"x 48"

Sulphur, oil on canvas, 2006, 36"x 48"

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