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Four portraits from "Portraiture Now" at the National Portrait Gallery (2006)

From left to right:  Jason Salavon, Andres Serrano, William Beckman, Dawoud Bey.
Hydrocal, oil paint.  Heads are approximately life-size and hang at the eye level of each individual subject.

Toss (2006)

Installed at Metaphor Contemporary Gallery, Brooklyn
Polyester resin, oil paint, stainless steel, rope.
Overall dimensions approximately 6' x 4' x 20' exclusive of rope and cable.
Figures are approximately life size, head is 5' tall.

Shirt (2006)
Hydrocal, oil paint, 35" x 37" x 33"
Figure is approximately life-size.

Spectator (2005)
Polyester resin, oil paint 72" x 17" x 15"
Slightly larger than life-size

Husband and Son (2006)

Polyester resin and oil paint. 76.5" x 23" x 21"

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