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I was born in Patterson, New Jersey not long after the end of World WII. My parents were naturalized Americans, refugees from Silesia (a country that no longer exists) and holocaust survivors. When I was 4, my parents moved to England, where I was educated and lived for the next 38 years. In 1992 I moved to New York, and received my Masters degree Cum Laude at the New York Academy of Art. In 1996 I moved to New Mexico, where I continue to work and live.

My childhood exposure to the arts has always been a foundation for the life long intensity of response I feel toward painting and drawing. The work of other painters, from cave paintings to European masterworks, offered both fascination and real comfort from a kind of loneliness and isolation I felt as a young boy. I received so much meaning and direction from the work of other artists that as a result I have continuously tried to be as devoted and generous by giving back through my own work and teaching.

As I watch my own work evolve, two themes appear evident in the work of the last ten years. The first, a struggle to maintain a link between classical painting and modern painting, and a desire to solve the problem of preventing the one from denying the other. The second is an attempt to find a meaningful pictorial response to the Holocaust. The fact that the events of the Holocaust are only 60 years away from the present gives a measure of urgency to the need to understand the horrors that were and continue to be perpetrated by man against man.

I desire to make my communication easily recognizable and thus rely on a ‘realistic’ language, but I primarily focus on its subliminal emotional effect at the same time.

The Brother (2006)
38" x 28" oil on canvas

Hold Fast (2004)
78" x 72" oil on canvas

Survivors - Top Panel (2000)
22" x 20" oil on canvas

Aaron (2001)
42" x 32" oil on canvas

Iswaswillbe (2000)
76" x 50 " oil on canvas

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