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My art reflects my ongoing fascination with the landscape where urban culture and nature collide, most often to be found in the fringes of our cities. It is in these often-overlooked areas that I find both beauty and pathos, bizarre juxtapositions that reflect how we, as a society, have altered and continue to alter the environment. Growing up and living in Northern New Jersey most of my life, surrounded by endless miles of industrial parks, highways and shopping malls, has fueled my obsession with this landscape. In 2004, I moved from my long time residence in New Jersey to New Rochelle, New York. I have found an abundance of subject matter just minutes from my new home on the fringes of New York City.

All of my paintings are painted on location. Once I find a scene that I want to paint, I set up my easel and return to the same site for weeks or months depending on the size of the painting. A large canvas can take me up to two and a half months to complete. In the winter, I paint smaller works on gessoed watercolor paper, from the relative comfort of my car. I find that painting in this manner allows me to interact with the environment as well as with people whom I meet in the different locations in which I paint. While talking to people on location, I receive a lot of information about the sites that I am painting. I find that this interaction, both with people and the environment, makes the method by which I work as important as the final painting.

Convergence, Bronx, NY (2006)
Oil on linen, 24” x 68”

Containers, Eastchester Barge Canal (2006)
Oil on board, 18” x 36”

Sal’s, Bronx, NY (2005)
Oil on linen, 12” x 36”

Car (2004)
Oil on linen, 42” x 42”

Mountain (2004)
Oil on linen, 38” x 76”

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