Joan Green

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Though I have been both a dancer and a visual artist from a very young age, I made my career as a choreographer and only began exhibiting my art recently. I work mostly in watercolor and do a great deal of my painting on the island of Jamaica.

I am currently working on a series of paintings of dancers, many in watercolor and fabric collage. Making this series of images has been a fascinating process for me – giving me both the opportunity to review my dance career and to expand the ways in which I approach image-making. This work will be exhibited in a solo show, accompanied by a dance performance, in June 2007.

(The details of Dance on Paper, Dance on the Floor are described at, click on events).

My work has moved from plein-air landscape painting, often with people and animals, toward painting and collage that increasingly draws on my imagination and my natural inclination for the decorative. Wherever my art goes, people are always at the center of it.

Diedre’s Shop
2006, 15” x 11.5”, watercolor

To All of Us
2006, 22” x 30”, watercolor

Cisco & Kerlyne
2005, 12” x 18”, watercolor

2006, 20” x 26.25”, watercolor & fabric collage

Outdoor Dancer II
2007, 13.5” x15”, watercolor

2007, 22x30, watercolor & fabric collage

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