Holly Wong

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My artistic intention is to bear witness to suffering, in an effort to transform society by serving as a mirror. My work concerns how war impacts civilian populations, especially women and children, and I often depict the effects of aerial bombing as subject matter. Through acrylic painting as well as drawing, I explore these subjects using figurative motifs. My paintings are often on large un-stretched canvases, typically 5'x7' in size, and may involve multiple panels to complete one piece. I also do smaller, more intimate paintings on canvas board, as well as charcoal drawings and oil pastels ranging in size from 11"x14" to 23"x30".

For the past decade, I have worked with topics of social engagement because I feel a deep empathy for those who are oppressed, unheard, and unseen in our society. I feel that as an artist, I can use art-making as a visual language to inspire people to feel deeply for those in their community, or in the world beyond. Essentially, I believe that imagining how another may be experiencing pain, is the first step to forge change. Since corporate media isolates people and masks an authentic response to our environment, art in its best moment, allows people to be more humane and fully aware.

He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother
23" x 30" 2004, paint/oil pastel

11" x 14" 2004, paint/oil pastel

Search in Iraq
11" x 14" 2004, paint/oil pastel

Father and Son - Falluja
23" x 30" 2005, paint/oil pastel

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