Natalia Rosenfeld

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I grew up in the city of Sevastopol in the Ukraine. Sevastopol has many archaeological ruins from the ancient Greek, Roman and Byzantine cultures, and I spent a lot of time exploring them. In this archaeologically rich environment my fascination with ancient art, culture and mythology developed.

Living In the USSR, I could not explore the deeper meaning of art, spirituality, mystical traditions and religions. I felt that life had a greater meaning than what Soviet ideology offered, so I decided to emigrate to the United States. In San Francisco I started to take sculpture classes, and realized that I had found my passion. I also attended workshops led by noted spiritual teachers. Through these experiences, I expanded my understanding of mysticism, spirituality and creativity. These fields of interest express themselves in my artwork and teaching. My sculptures have found homes in spiritual centers and private collections.

I believe that the message of Peace and Love becomes even more important in this time of war, famine and natural disasters around the world. I see my work as an expression of Compassion, Devotion and Inner Beauty.

Angel (2006)
Plaster/acrylic, 28" high

Portrait of Benjamin Bossi (2006)
Clay, 19" high

Madonna and Child
Plaster and gold wax, 10.5"x 8"

Portrait of Swami Sivananda Radha (2006)
Plaster/acrylic, 15" high

Neem Karoli Baba (bust) (2000)
Plaster, acrylic 10 1/2" high

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