Jinchul Kim

Contact Information:

Email: jxkim@salisbury.edu
Website: www.jinchulkim.com


Artist Statement:

My artwork is inspired by the unpredictable complexities of everyday life. These particular complexities that I see are psychologically driven and emotionally charged. I try to capture the unusually beautiful moments in the world, and strive to transfer them into an aesthetic form that everyone can relate to. In essence, I invite the viewers to create their own interpretations from what I present through every painting instead of giving them obvious stories / contents about each work. My ultimate goal is to stimulate a unique intuition from each of the viewers, and allow them to reflect upon experiences in their own lives.

The subjects of my paintings are mostly human figures arranged in various environments. I use fine marks, not necessarily for constructing shapes or describing the details of the image depicted, but to create a relationship within the different formal issues of the painting. I direct my brush marks to dissect the substance of the subject matter, so that they are distributed as particles of color and hue. These marks may be considered technical, but to me it is narrative calligraphy.

Hybrid (2005)
oil on canvas 20x54 inches

If You Ever Want To Find Me (2001)
oil on linen 13X36inches

Interface II (2004)
oil on canvas 24X40 inches

Destination Of Thought - Distance (2003)
oil on canvas 20X30 inches

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