Kathleen Fruge-Brown

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I've been painting landscape for a number of years now. Since I always work from life, it's been my great blessing to spend many hours out in the woods, standing still in a succession of places. In those hours, my roots have gone down deep into the river valley where I live. If I could put into words the thing I'd like viewers to take away from seeing my work, it would be something like what I feel when I'm painting-gratitude for nature, a strengthened sense that the world of nature is our true home.

Visually, the woods and river are delightfully complicated. I've always loved the way you can keep looking back between the branches, or into the water, and see more and more layers of things to be painted. Trying to paint it all is a bit like weaving a basket-a very complex, untidy basket, of course, full of loose ends, changing light, and mosquitoes…In the last year, I've found myself focusing more and more on the thin little weedy things that dance and curl everywhere in the woods: whips of vine maple and salmonberry, cedar withes, ferns, the fine naked branches of saplings in the winter.

Cedar River in Summer, Landsburg (2005)
48" x 96" diptych (two panels, each 48" x 48") oil on canvas

Edge of the Flood Plain (2005)
22" x 30" oil on paper

Golden Afternoon (2005)
22" x 18" oil on paper

Path to the River (2005)
26" x 52" oil on canvas

Saplings, January (2005)
18" x 24" oil on canvas

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