Michele Benzamin-Miki

Contact Information:

email: mbm@fivechanges.org
website: michele benzamin-miki


Artist Statement:

I use elements of realism, symbolism, and surrealism in my work, which is usually figurative. I focus on the female form— highlighting her strengths, and exposing her vulnerabilities. My images are intended to be empowering representations of women.

The images often have political and spiritual themes that seek to make visible what is otherwise unseen. It is my hope that they challenge the typical mainstream views of women, and inspire the observer to ‘see’ women in another way.

Layla's Wall (2006)
22x30 inches. Color Pencil on Paper

Overcome (2006)
22x30 inches, pencil on paper

The Climb (2006)
24x30 inches, pencil on paper

The Birth of Air (2005)
24x48 inches, oil on canvas

Turning Towards the Light (2005)
11x14 inches, pencil on paper

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