Sony Marlon Akpotor

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Artist Statement:

Man has failed to see and appreciate God’s art. It is all around us and it is free for all. I get so amazed when I see the reaction of those who behold my paintings. The feeling is good. For the period they are in contact with my paintings I see, by the smiles on their faces and the questions they ask, that they have for that short time forgotten all their cares and worries. Though the happy feelings experienced by these onlookers is temporary, it surely made me realize that more works of art need to be produced for people to see, for through them the unobservant man would get to see,  understand and appreciate the beauty of God's work and be happy forever.

My form of art has to do with the representation of human and animal form on a two-dimensional surface. So far, I have only dwelt on human figurative and still would do so because there is just no end to what the eyes can see as long as they are properly applied. The human figure, both the masculine and feminine gender, is of great interest to me because they are the only creatures that have the image of God. In other words, if you bring God and man together you would not know the difference, except that God is immortal. Simply put, God is a man that has eternal life. So for me, making human studies is worth dwelling on for all time.

Taking a look at my paintings displayed on this site, one could see that I draw my inspiration from the day to day activities of everyday people around me. My paintings are intended to draw the attention of onlookers to some of the social ills of our society which they see and live with every day but do nothing about, pretending all is fine.

Our Pride, Our joy (1) (2006)
70 x 48 inches Oil on canvas

Life O' Life (2006)
47 x 37 inches Oil on canvas

Our Pride, Our joy (2) (2006)
59 x 42 inches Oil on canvas

The Dilemma of an African Child (3) (2006)
45 x 37 inches Oil on canvas

The Art of Beauty (2006)
47 x38 inches Oil on canvas

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