Sean Hopp

Contact Information:

phone: 773.728.9081


Artist Statement:

My recent paintings are a series of portraits from a warped hallucination, as seen through the filters of psychology, religion, and the occult. They are visual thought experiments focused on the transcendence of horror, the beauty of distortion, and the inherent grace of the mutant.

My portrait subjects often have deformed body parts, multiple heads and eyes, or additional limbs. They are stretched and mutilated, but have achieved a superb state of spirituality as a result. They have attained wisdom through their deformity, and I have depicted them in this form as transcendent ghosts.

I try to balance my painting style somewhere between representation and abstraction, somewhere between classical and modern. I work with a combination of oils, acrylics, varnishes, and inks, and apply them onto surfaces like wood, canvas board, and masonite. I paint with both hands, use my fingers, brushes, and other tools, and incorporate the unavoidable texture of dust and cat hair into most of the paintings. Each painting has a number of layers of paint and glaze, and takes anywhere between a week to several months to complete.

Books of the Master Apprentice (2004)
Oil on Masonite 9x12

Configuring the Demon (2003)
Oil on Masonite 25x34

October 15, 1988 (2002)
Oil on Masonite 30"x40"

Portrait of Sister Wendy (2004)
Oil on Masonite 19x24

Thought is the Shadow of God (2004)
Oil on Masonite 16x20

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