Leeah Joo

Contact Information:

website: Leeahjoo.com
e-mail: email@leeahjoo.com


Artist Statement:

For the past ten years, the embodiment of personal narratives has been the driving force in my work. Most recently, utilizing the window as a portal between the interior and exterior space, these paintings unfold quiet narratives temporarily retained by the two worlds' eclipse. In the night paintings, the interior space collides with the outside, creating a mirage of imagery infusing a private moment with the world beyond the wall of a home. On the other hand, in daylight, the outside never fails to dominate the image by the intensity of its luminosity, safely obscuring the viewer from intruding on the moment observed. In both situations, the window dressing and the glass provide a visual obstacle to slow the consumption of a familiar or an ordinary scene that may otherwise be overlooked. In the process of arriving to these images, under the guise of exploring formal pictorial language, life experiences culminate to a clarity unavailable to me in any other form.

Fortune Teller (2004)
40x40 inches acrylic and oil on canvas

The Prodigal Son (2004)
40x40 inches, acrylic and oil on canvas

Truly (2003)
54x40, acrylic on canvas

Dolores in New Cannan (2004)
40x30 inches, acrylic on canvas

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