Kristin Lerner

Contact Information:

phone: (609) 683-7459


Artist Statement:

My paintings focus on the struggle between the individual and her/his surroundings, using the human body to illustrate inner emotion. The figure is placed centrally, dominating the composition, but immersed in a bright, abstract background. The conflict between the figure and its threatening background characterizes the figure's struggle with outside pressures.

The images are rendered with aggressive paint marks, frequently done with a palette knife, characterizing the figure's emotional state. The sculptural quality of my work stems from my experience in figurative sculpture, while components of color and movement relate to landscape painting. I am interested in surface texture, saturated color, and gestural painting in the tradition of the German Expressionists and the California Bay Area Figurative Painters, as well as Alberto Giacometti and Chaim Soutine.


Waif (2002)
42" by 42"



Manic (2002)

60" by 84"


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