Jane Richlovsky

Contact Information:

e-mail: prunella@seanet.com
website: www.janerichlovsky.com


Artist Statement:

Patterned tablecloths, curtains, slipcovers, bedspreads ­ the effluvia of domestic life ­ are the canvases on which I paint archetypal mid-century women contending with their surroundings.

I mine old cookbooks and magazines for images of people, food, and appliances, finding in the idealizations of the past clues to the preoccupations of the present. I leave the prints of the underlying fabrics partially revealed as peoplešs clothing or objects, and use shadows and reflections to merge the figures physically, visually, and metaphorically with their environments.

The Devil You Know (2006)
31.5" x 35.5" oil on found textile and canvas

Easy as Peeling a Banana (2006)
31" x 36" oil on found textile and canvas

Lawn Boy (2005)
39.5" x 49" oil on found textile and canvas

She'll Want to Thank You Three Times a Day (2005)
31" x 39" oil on found textile and canvas

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