Gina Blickenstaff

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My specialty and area of utmost enthusiasm is painting the figure, in particular, the "love relationship". It is through this avenue that I feel I can best express what is in my heart and what I want to share. I am currently working on a series called "The Hands of God". A few of the paintings shown below are examples of paintings in this series. Broadly, the series is meant to be a depiction of the Hand of God, our one Father, working through the collective hands of all of humanity. More specifically, I convey this by the use of ordinary people engaged in ordinary tasks, but from a position of love, caring and intimacy which is often overlooked in the busy-ness of our everyday lives. I would like this Hands of God series to bring to the viewers mind the following questions; What am I doing with my hands? What is the power that I have in my hands? Am I using my hands correctly for the betterment of humanity? Am I expressing love through the use of my hands?

Cherie and Tesa
30 x 36 inches Oil

Three's Company
32 x 32 inches Oil

Hands of God Series: Afternoon
48 x 36 inches Oil

Hands of God Series: Support
24 x 30 inches Oil

Hands of God Series: Sweet Fun
30 x 48 inches Oil

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