Eleanor Seeley

Contact Information:

website: www.sculpturewoman.com
e-mail: eleanorseely@mac.com


Artist Statement:

As a visual person, every woman I have ever looked at has been archived in a photographic-like visual memory, and saved for recall while working. The subtle curves, soft roundness, the tilt of the head, the weight of the torso on the hips, and the center of gravity, have all become second nature. The "Women" are in motion, filled with an ecstatic grace which is not about them, but about their relationship to life, they are selfless, open, round, full, bright, and relating fully in their bodies. I have been humbled and graced by years of devotional practice with the Ruchira Avatar Adi Da Samraj. Instructed in the ability to freely and openly relate to all beings and things, not only for what can be received, but what can be given in every moment. The "Women" are dancing, joyous, robust, and sensual. Sculpted somewhere between realistic, and stylistic, not representations of actual models, but rather a compilation of many "Women".

Figure #2
2004, bronze, 24"

Figure #3
2003, bronze, 25"

Figure #5
2003, bronze, 25"

Figure #6
2004, bronze, 28"

Torso #6
2004, bronze, 10"

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