Donna Coleman

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Artist Statement:

My pictures are narrative and largely autobiographical, based on my own life experiences, or those I have observed in the life of others. I look for the simplest way to tell the story, and try to find moments of external activity that indicate what might be happening internally. The format of my pictures is determined by how best to tell the story. The issues that concern me the most are the relationships between people, between people and animals, the delightful intrepidness of children, and the pervasive influence of our misplaced sense of personal power that manifests as racism and sexism and elitism, and the general feeling that we all live with in our society that some of us are more valuable than others. I don't believe that - I believe that we are all God's children. But we only know God through the full beauty and terror of the human imagination that creates scenarios about life after life, when it is all supposed to become clear. The human capacity for good and evil is so breathtaking, can we conceive of God doing better or the Devil doing worse? I am very fond of all the little people in my pictures whether they are good, bad, or even boring. Somehow, all people are of excruciating interest because we are all we are certain that we have.

A Tea Party (2001)
Oil on canvas 22" x 30"

A Rare Gift (2002)
Oil & mixed media 30" x 36"

The Pet Show (2003)
Oil on canvas 17" circumference

Events in the Life of St. Mary of Egypt (detail) (2003)
Oil on canvas 12" x 70"

How Do We Carry On? (2003)
Oil on canvas 18" x 9"

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