Claudia Cohen

Contact Information:
480 Gate Five Road, Studio 261-C
Sausalito, CA 94965
(415) 332-1077


The Seduction of Flight, Bronze, 21x24x18

My life of the imagination is perhaps most accessible in my very vivid dream life. Working with the rich materials my subconscious life provides, I often find the images too compelling not to create sculptural representations of them. In "The Seduction of Flight", the freedom and exhilaration of flying is tempered with the loose bonds of the rope that won't succeed in holding my heroine from whatever destiny her heart and her mythic companion, the magical red bird, will take her.

A Delicate Balance Bronze, 21" tall

The world today seems to have changed in its internal symmetry. This piece was sculpted with the fervent wish that a new equilibrium can be created. In the eyes and the hair of this particular heroine, I've carved faces to represent the human condition she is so actively pondering. A Delicate Balance is now the state we all teeter on, both within our selves and externally. My piece is about seeking a new harmony for the world, and the inner cosmos within ourselves.

Cassandra, Bronze, 14" tall

Screwball, Bronze, 14" tall

Visions of Velasquez, Bronze, 15" tall

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