Andrew Conklin

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The paintings highlight those differences between the real and the ideal, with my ideas influenced by the dichotomy between Platonic ideals of form, which all art students encounter, and the realities of the visual world. This metaphorically extends to human idealistic notions of beauty and justice, which ultimately run up against the more complex applications of these concepts as experienced in life. Out of this tension, which is unresolvalbe, I have tried to produce paintings that in a small way bridge the perceived divide and satisfy a need for their synthesis.

Artist and Model III (1999)
oil / hemp, 52" x 72" (132 x 183 cm)

Artist and Model IV (1999)
oil / linen, 54" x 36" (137 x 92 cm)

Gourmet Garage (1997)
oil / linen, 40" x 32" (102 x 82 cm)

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