Virginia Bryant

Contact Information:

e-mail: Virginia Bryant
(239) 403-8758
Naples, FL


Artist Statement:

I was born in San Francisco, where I practiced dance, theatre and industrial design before establishing my first painting studio there in the late 70¹s. My experiences as a dancer-choreographer propel and reside in my practice as a painter.

Balance is my dominant preoccupation. I utilize a non-dogmatic fusion of of techniques, schools and semi-representational elements. On a deep level, the act of painting keeps me in touch with the faith required to interact with paradox and the unity that is infinite.The world of my practice consists of place-surface and movement-dance as primary elements, unified by the natural and sometimes unpredictable flow of liquid substance. I experience my painting as a practice between, and balancing of, spirit and matter.

Glimmer (2003)
acrylic on canvas, 24" x 38"

Philomela's Last Word (2002)
acrylic on panel, 16" x 16"

Storm (detail) (2005)
acrylic on canvas, 50" x 40"

Seat (2004)
acrylic on canvas, 40" x 50"

Yggdrasil (detail) (2001)
acrylic on canvas, 50" x 40"

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