Mara Held

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For the last several years I have focused primarily on painting's ability to be both paint and image, depicting animated and buoyant abstract forms within an abstract space. A trip to Egypt had a tremendous influence on the way I think about translating form to paper. In the desert the sand shifts itself across the pocked landscape like a skin shrouding a massive substructure. Light moves like a procession reflecting color. In my work vaguely reminiscent fragmented forms lock together to weave an image. Edges push against the forms, to hold them in place. I work the surface, scratching, rubbing and washing the painting to construct a skin. With the use of a pounce wheel, I inscribe a line that creates by its path, a scarring. The markings and forms are etched into the scared surface recalling paint's powers to articulate something unique, accessible, and mysterious.

Set Nacht, 2000
60" x 87" Egg Gouache on Paper

Cameo, 2002
45" X 60" Egg Gouache on Paper

Chevron, 2002
30" X 34" Egg Gouache on Paper

Flux, 2002
57" X 105" Egg Gouache on Paper

El in 16 Notes, 2002
42" X 122" 3 of 16 faceted art glass panels

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