Holly Boruck

Contact Information:

(818) 955-8974


Artist Statement:

My Sugarman Foundation grant was used specifically for the creation of a work of art through participation in the project "Envisioning the Future", led by Judy Chicago. The project took place over a four-month period, September to December 2003, ending with my work of art being shown with the Painters Group in the Nichols Gallery at Pitzer College in Claremont, California, during January through February 2004.

Title: Equal-Librium

I envision a micro and macro equality of the male and female energies -- a balance of these energies internally within each individual, and as a global human entity. Arriving at and sustaining an equality and balance is illusory -- we only "arrive" fleetingly and human nature will require that we teach each successive generation the why, and how, to respect our differences as male and female, and to recognize each other as being (spirit) first, and gender, second.

By weaving the two figures together, the male and female energies retain their individual identities while forming a third representation, that of equality and balance. The separation down the center of the piece is a reminder that there will never be a permanent balance -- sacrifices and pain will always be present as there will always be a need to struggle toward this goal.

Equal-Librium (head detail)

Equal-Librium (torso detail)

Equal-Librium (2003)
92 x 48, acrylic and woven canvas

Equal-Librium (installation at Nichols Gallery)

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