Biganess Livingstone

Contact Information:

Studio: 991 Tyler Street
Benicia, CA
(707) 557-0321


Artist Statement:

I rely on "the luck of the draw." I pile acrylic paint on the paper or canvas and push the paint across the surface with a cardboard edge. The resulting shapes are formed by the pressure of the cardboard, or by the direction the cardboard takes. I choose the colors, but the contours and blendings that occur are always a surprise to me.

On a few pieces, recognizable shapes are rendered onto the painted surface. Sometimes found paper or former digitized prints are torn and glued to the surface. Sometimes I stamp the surface. These items are not immediately seen, as I prefer a strong surge of shape on the wall. I call this group of work the "Nomads" because I can never predict their destination.

"O.K." 2000 48x48

"Corkscrew" 2001 36x48

"Figure Eights" 2001 36x40
Acrylic/Rag Paper

"Quien Sabe" 2002 54x108 Diptych
Acrylic/Computer Collage/Canvas

"Goofy" 2003 48x60
Acrylic/Monotype Collage/Canvas

"Funnies" 2003 48x60
Acrylic/Monotype Collage/Canvas

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