Anne Boysen

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Painting is my life, my work, and my pleasure. I am an inspired type of a painter, responding to that inspiration over many years. Inspiration comes from a place which I'm unable to name for certain, however, it seems to come from a deep appreciation, love and respect for nature and music, not to mention my own imagination and lots of energy. Now when you look at my paintings, you will not find photographic images of flowers (or landscapes), but flowers expressed with love, color, texture, collage, and with excitement. My building blocks are basically color and a philosophy that my art is an affair of the emotions. A singing trip to Eastern Europe inspired my musical paintings. Standing in the place where Beethoven conducted and seeing the bed where Haydn was born changed my life forever. It is then that music entered my work . Then nature and music began to work together and my paintings took new turns and directions. Currently I make what I call my "integration" paintings which can include landscape, florals, music, abstraction and sometimes something from a friend.

"Rollover" 2002 40x46 a/c w/collage

"Not Ditzy" 2002 40x46 a/c w/collage

"Romantic Melodies" 2002 38x68 a/c w/collage

"Vase Matisse" 2002 40x46 a/c w/collage

"Sister" 2002 40x46 a/c w/collage

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