Phyllis Palmer

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In 1997 I won a painting residency in Mexico. In the museums, I discovered beautiful paintings on tin by Mexican and colonial artists so I spent a month painting on tin and also tried copper. The luminous, warm pink of the copper gave a unique quality to flesh tones. The paintings here are oil on copper sheets which I wrapped around stretchers punching a decorative motif along the edge. These paintings are from life. My fascination with the ritual of the bath began at an early age when I found that one of the best ways to get attention and quality time with my mother was to hang out when she was soaking in the tub. I have since taken up the habit.

"Tub # 2" oil on copper 30"x24" 1999

"Tub # 3" oil on copper 33"x26" 2000

"Tub # 7" oil on copper 30"x26" 2000

"Tub # 6" oil on copper 24"x30" 2000

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