Julie Orsini Shakher

Contact Information:

(305) 652-4428


Artist Statement:

The Human race, the urban village, this is the whirlpool and kaleidoscope of the human predicament. I paint the figure, the power, the emotion, the psychological implications and the struggle untouched or overlooked in our daily lives. I want the viewer to be able to see the drama of those challenged by daily survival. For some it is a life unimaginable, for others a reality sealed by time. Their sweat, their age, their wisdom are the flowers, the water, the earth, and the sky in the landscape of humanity.

Louie's Dead, 2003, 18"x 30", oil on canvas

Too Loud 4, 2003, 8'x 9.6', oil on canvas

Ego 2, 2003, 18"x18", oil on canvas

Promise, 2003, 8'x10', oil on canvas

Self Portrait, 2003, 24"x36", oil on canvas

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