Jerry Dane Sanders

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Jerry Dane Sanders was born in Decatur Illinois on Sept. 9, 1949. After several moves, his family settled down in Vincennes, Indiana, where Sanders graduated from high school and went for two years to Vincennes University, before transferring to Indiana University where he received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Art Education.

With over a decade of teaching experience and over thirty years of working experience, Sanders continues to learn and expand his work. Sanders' early works were in wood, usually walnut. A few years after graduation Sanders work and direction when to stainless steel. Sanders also works in ceramic, bronze and other cast materials as well. Sanders' works range from 12 inches up to forty or fifty feet if the budget will allow. Currently he works primarily in stainless steel, with either a polished or a brushed type finish.

Hyperbolic Paraboloid Arch 22" x 18" x 15"
stainless steel with a polished finish


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