Eric B. Semelroth

Contact Information:

Eric B. Semelroth
722 Tullamore Ct. #2C
Schaumburg, IL 60193
(847) 534-0176

Artist's Statement:

For the past several years, I've been making uncommissioned pastel portraits on paper. Some of my subjects appear in costume. The costumes are part of identities that these people have assumed on their own. These images are meant to oscillate between the individual character of the sitter and his assumed persona. Subjects are selected based on how interesting I think they look or who they are or what they do or how accessible they are to me. Sometimes I have no idea what the subject looks like before I arrive with my camera. I take my own photographs and work from them. My formal concerns are simple. I am interested in carving out space in which the head can exist. It is my challenge to convey a convincing illusion of depth on a two-dimensional plane.


"Blue Teresa" Pastel on paper 211/2" x 29" 2000


"Buddha's Daughter" Pastel on paper 211/2" x 29" 2001


"Carmelite Priest" Pastel on paper 21" x 29" 2000


"Kimbriell Praying" Pastel on paper 21" x 29" 2000

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