Edgar Jerins

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In 1976, when Jerins was 17, his oldest brother, Ron, shot himself and died. Eight years later, his brother Alex did the same. His only living brother, Tom, is an alcoholic, according to Jerins.

"After the unexpected death of my father (in 1999), I found that I could no longer repress my feelings about my family's struggle, and felt compelled to explore the issues of loss and personal tragedy in my art." 

Jock Moves Back Home
Charcoal on Paper 60"x98" (2004)

Bill Prael, Wild Turkey Season
Charcoal on Paper 60"x96" (2004)

Kosmo, Charley and Jack: Sonic Advance
Charcoal on Paper 60"x86" (2002)

Wes Teaching Hunter
Charcoal on Paper 60"x103" (2004)

Self-Portrait with Tom, Mom and Cat
Charcoal on Paper 60"x98" (2004)

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