Hélène Lhote
Contact Information:
Hélène Lhote
8, rue St-Victor 75005 Paris
Tél/Fax: 01 43 26 65 61

Artist Background:

Born in Algeria in 1962, Hélène Lhote lived in Morocco, and then in Iran. When she returned to France as an adolescent, she discovered other landscapes, other illuminations, and another culture. Her work, which is influenced by ornamental art (mirrored fabric, calligraphic curves, arabesques) explores the confrontation of contraries and the temptation to reconcile them.

Ms. Lhote was awarded the Diplôme National Supérieur des Beaux-Arts, Paris, and has exhibited in Paris, Rouen and Toulouse.

"Le O" (2000) steel - resin epoxy painted steel
Size h: 17.3 x w: 21.6in / h: 44 x w: 55 cm

"1" (1999 - 2000) steel - resin epoxy
Size h: 148.2 x w: 97.5 in / h: 380 x w: 250 cm

"Soleil-Nuit" (2002) glass-enameled steel
Size: diameter 19.5 in / diameter 50 cm

One view of the exhibition in Collégiale Saint-André (Chartres, France), 2002
Artworks in enameled steel and glass.

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